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Meet my family

These are the people in my life that make serving my community possible!

Photo of the Richards family.
Left to right: Island, Brandon, J. Island, Kai, McKenna, Teresa

I have a phenomenal family!

My grandson, Kai, is the youngest of us, but also the clear head of our household. My late father, Kelly, nicknamed him King Kaius, and it was certainly fitting. I hear it's pretty common these days that kids and grandkids live with you, and I can honestly say that this isn't a bad thing at all. I'm blessed to have Kai and his parents living with us.

McKenna, Kai's mom, is my youngest daughter. In addition to being a full time mother, she also works behind the scenes doing books for the family business. She has also been active in the Republican Party, is a Preceinct Committeewoman, and represented Sweetwater County at the Wyoming Republican State Convention in 2016.

Brandon, my middle son, works for the family business, and is my Jack-of-all-Trades. If it needs to be done, Brandon is the one I call.

My oldest son, J. Island, is the Category Manager of our family business. He has also been very active in the Sweetwater County Republican Party. He served as the county party vice chairman, and for more than three years as the county chairman, and is a Precinct Committeeman. Together, my kids have taken over a large part of the daily operations of our successful family business.

My wife Teresa is the rock that holds my family together. She is a huge part of running both our family and our family business, and is just an all around great person who doesn't hesitate to help out any stranger. She is a past Chairman of the Sweetwater County Republican Party, and served as a member of the Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee for ten years. She has served as a member of the Wyoming Republican Party Executive Committee, a member of the Wyoming Republican Party Budget and Audit Committee, and has represented Sweetwater County as a delegate to numerous Wyoming Republican Party State Conventions. She was a delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention where she served on the Permanent Organization Committee. To top it off, Teresa was a member of Wyoming's 2016 Electoral College, and cast one of Wyoming's three electoral votes for Donald Trump. She is also currently serving as Precinct Committeewoman.

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