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I'm primarily a fiscal conservative who thinks government should live within the means provided for it by its constituents.


I've spent the last 25 years working on public boards, learning how to develop and live within budgets, and how to work with fellow board members.


Making hard decisions is part of the job, but taking the time to listen to constituents, and to how those decisions affect them, is the important part of the job. I'll do just that!


I'll work effectively with fellow board members, county employees, interested parties, and affected agencies to develop and implement real world solutions that make Sweetwater County better! 


Take Part in Something Great


Putting My Experience
to Work

I have extensive experience working on various elected and appointed boards in Sweetwater County and Wyoming, both in the public and private sector. I want to take that experience and put it to work for you, as your voice on the Board of Sweetwater County Commissioners.

I have a record of fiscal responsibility with public funds, pragmatic decision making when it comes to the role of government, and I have worked to preserve and promote private property rights.

I believe that the role of government in our lives should be extremely limited. In the words of the father of the Republican Party: "That government should do for people only what they cannot do better by themselves, and no more.” - Abraham Lincoln

Some highlights of my successes:

  • Led the way to make guest homes legal in Sweetwater County.

  • Protected our view sheds in the growth management area from wind turbines.

  • Worked to cut the size of Sweetwater County's Planning & Zoning Resolution nearly in half.

  • Helped deregulate alcohol sales at the state level and give more control to local governments.

  • Promoted economic growth by helping to build a pro-growth atmosphere in Sweetwater County.

  • Part of the Sweetwater County Jail Task force, leading to the construction of a modern jail facility.

  • Helped Republicans in Sweetwater County go from being outnumbered by Democrats 3 to 1, to being a 3 to 1 majority.



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